Power of Outsourcing
Investment Management

A Study that Uncovers How Investment Management
Outsourcing Enhances Financial Advisors' Businesses

Financial advisors are under tremendous pressure to meet increasing client expectations, manage their businesses, and stay compliant in an evolving regulatory landscape. AssetMark engaged Q8 Research to survey more than 700 advisors on the topic of investment management outsourcing to better understand the barriers and benefits.
Benefits of Outsourcing
86% of Advisors Agree Outsourcing has Made Them More Successful
Why AssetMark?

When asked about the benefits of outsourcing, advisors who work with AssetMark cite higher levels of satisfaction and increased benefits compared to advisors who work primarily with another outsource provider.

Learn more about our curated investment platform, fully integrated technology, and how we deliver on our mission to make a difference in the lives of our advisors, their clients and our shared communities.

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